The Group

Optimum Group, Inc. was founded by a group of like-minded partners that have been profitable business owners and experienced CEOs for decades. Our upper management team’s vision is to strive as a company that fills the gaps between businesses, investors, idea owners, and everyone in-between. We offer businesses growth potential through mutually beneficial partnerships¬—both domestic and abroad.

OGI’s mission is to leverage our extensive network in order to “connect the dots” between managing, consulting, acquiring, and selling lucrative entities—partially or in-whole. The Group enables screened investors to join other strategic partners in accessing fully vetted options.

Our experienced team excels at identifying and conducting rigorous research on potentially profitable opportunities prior to investing in them to unlock everyone’s success. Join our likeminded team of investors to access these opportunities alongside OGI and other strategic partners.

Existing Firms

Optimum Construction has a long history, starting out by working very closely with four successful sister companies with rich histories, dating back to 1932. For most of the last two decades, Optimum Construction has been working strategically and diligently to ensure that everyone on our team has put forth every effort possible to meet our goal—100% satisfaction of every client.

Optimum Interiors is a full-service design center, offering a wide variety of unique product lines, including—luxury kitchens, luxury baths, custom cabinetry, floor coverings, wall coverings, stone, tiles, lightening, high-end hardware, appliances, etc. Our all-inclusive showrooms are located in two side-by-side buildings in the heart of Rockville, Maryland. Our designers will help you navigate, what can seem like an overwhelming number of options, and assist you in ordering your hand-selected materials to make your dream home a reality.

Optimum Interiors plans to open additional locations within the USA, as well as currently negotiating locations abroad in the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia.

Are you suffering from pandemic-fatigue? Social-distancing has most of us feeling a little trapped, restless, and frankly, bored. If you have had enough of walking the same neighborhood loop, maybe now is the time to take out the toy in your garage? Taking your vehicle to a private track day, where you can engage in a solitary, stress-reducing driving experience, while opening your car up and enjoying yourself for the first time in a long time, might be exactly what you need right now. We are one of the few private tracks in the Metro Washington, DC area. All you need to do is make a reservation, bring your own car, your own racing helmet, and a smile. Let’s have some (safe) fun.

Optimum Investments

Optimum Investments was founded with the intent of separating our real estate purchases from our construction projects; and, with the vision to create a local leader in urban real estate investment, management, and land development. We have since expanded and are capable of also handling larger-scale projects, including multiple-unit rehabs, larger land acquisitions, exotic Airbnb destination properties, etc. We have even diversified our investments to include specific types of stocks.

The Clarksburg Room was acquired by Optimum Entertainment, Inc. to serve as a much-needed event venue in Clarksburg, Maryland. OEI is currently assisting The Clarksburg Room in the process of acquiring a new venue to resume in-person events, which were on-hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are currently recruiting an event planner and partner who will have the opportunity to fully manage this business, and expand it.

Upcoming Ventures

Optimum Group, Inc. has non-disclosure agreements in place, with its existing partners, for all potential and newly created firms. Below is a general idea of a few upcoming ventures that are currently in progress. Please contact us if you would like to get involved.

  • An innovative firm that will serve government agencies, private sectors, and non-profits—providing ingenious, one-source solutions and support.
  • The building of a contemporary, virtual warehouse to focus on online sales for a specific business in the private sector.
  • A leading, edge entertainment firm that offers content to specific target markets via our cultivated network.
  • Car enthusiasts are obsessed with their vehicles and we are at the forefront of raising the bar—again.

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Become A Partner

While OGI invests in its own ventures, we are always open to the possibilities for growth and expansion—when the right opportunities come along. There are naturally more opportunities when the pool of investors is larger—which is an overall benefit of growth. We rigorously screen investors prior to formally agreeing to partnerships, in order to ensure that we are good fit for one another. The comradery of a healthy partnership—the energy that comes from working with like-minded individuals and companies—is the reason why we love to do what we do.

Small Business Owners

Small business owners can find the right venture capitalists to move your company forward. Whether your business is currently thriving and you are searching for ways to raise capital, expand your reach, or are in need of experienced management to reach your maximum potential; or if your business is struggling and looking for a bailout, or a consultant to help get you back on track—we work with existing business to help them unlock their next level of success.

Idea Owners

Idea owners can pitch their business concept in order to find an investor willing to “push start” your business. Working with entrepreneurs at-heart is one of our favorite things to do. You have a viable idea, high-energy, and the drive, but you are in need of a successful team to help you turn your ideas into your reality. Our team of investors has scheduled dates where you can be invited to present your venture (all confidentialities are in place). After reviewing your presentation materials, our group may contact you with our partnership proposals and next steps.

Joint Ventures

New investors can team up with our group for a “joint-venture” business opportunity. It reduces your level of risk and you will net a much higher rate of return than a bank’s interest rate. Don’t see yourself as an “investor”? The average bank’s saving account nets your money a 1.2% interest rate of return. Let your money work for you instead at a higher ROI. We offer limited joint-ventures where you can invest smaller dollar amounts with higher ROI for mutually agreed upon periods of time. We even have some options that do not require much involvement, just your initial investment. We have different options for different people. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Join Optimum Group's Team

Optimum Group's firms are always searching for experienced professionals to join our team. Learn more about open positions across our family of firms here.


Optimum Group Investment Opportunities

Optimum Group, Inc. is currently accepting investor proposals for our on-going ventures. Learn more about our opportunities here.